Welcome Handyfans!

hand·y·fan (hnd-fn) n. An admirer and devotee of BLHS. Handyfans have been known to knock down trees with sighs of relief and shout from their new rooftops with excitement about their favorite go-to handyman.


Ford Roofing is a Handyfan!

Mr. Lazenby is an easy referral for us. He is honest, punctual, and reasonable. If Adam tells you that a bullfrog can pull a freight train, you may as well harness it up.

– David Stricklin, Ford Roofing

OOG is a Handyfan!

Adam was able to retrofit closet shelving into a custom shoe storage solution right before my eyes! He’s personable, attentive, efficient, AND his work is of the highest quality. I’ve never recommended a handyman to my clients (well, unless it was my husband!) – but now?  BL Handyman is my go-to FOR SURE. I know I can count on Adam to provide quality services for my clients as well as honesty, integrity, and affordability. I can’t say enough how pleased I am with BL Handyman Services!

– Brenna Peyton, One Organized Girl